Our coaches aim to deliver safe and enjoyable ride sessions that welcome people of all abilities and experiences. In order to achieve this we have set out some basic guidelines and good practice as to what you can expect from our BTF qualified coaches, both before and during any ride, along with what we would like to see from any athletes coming on the rides. Most of this is common sense but please take a moment to read through and familiarise yourself so we can all have safe, enjoyable and stress free rides with Torbay Tri Club.

If you experience any problems during the ride itself then please make this known to the ride leader (coach) so they are aware and can take any necessary action. If you are still not satisfied then please contact Torbay Tri Club’s lead coach / Welfare Officer. We welcome any feedback and comments but remember that our coaches volunteer their time to organise and lead any session/ride and so please respect this at all times.

What you can expect from our coaches…

– deliver a safe ride where everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in
– a professional approach and delivery of the session/ride
– well organised and structured session/ride
– advance notice on the club website of where the ride will be and key details
– lead by example
– be approachable and happy to help with any assistance or answer any questions
– provide ongoing coaching off the highway
– be in control of the group and deliver clear instructions throughout
– a welcoming and helpful attitude for riders of all abilities and experiences
– basic first aid kit
– mobile phone

What we ask of from those cycling…

– arrive on time at the agreed meeting point
– respect the coaches and other athletes
– select the right training group for your current speed and endurance level. If in doubt speak to a coach/leader.
– follow the Highway Code and respect all other road users (cars, vehicles and other cyclists). Never ride through a red light to stay with a group, they will slow down ahead to regroup. Ride no more than 2 abreast and single out when asked by the ride leader. Remember, we are all representing Torbay Tri Club whether in club kit or not.
– have an understanding of the route we will be taking (meeting points, major turns)
– bring along a basic repair kit (spare inner tube(s), pump and tyre levers)
– have and use lights when required
– mobile phone (containing contact details for coaches and emergency contact)
– report any problems (mechanical or personal) to the coach
– prepared with kit and clothing suitable for the weather conditions
– helmet, as we operate ‘no helmet, no ride’ policy
– ask any questions if not understanding an aspect of the ride or coaches explanation
– a road worthy bike that you have checked before leaving home
– inform your leader/coach if wish to return home early
– your bike must be in good order i.e. pumped up tyres and working brakes
– in event of a group split please regroup where safe i.e. junction or top of hill and but don’t congregate causing an obstruction
Coaches contact

Jon Pressling – 07858 545370
Hamish Renton – 07740 840071
Dave Presley – 07715 411485


Monday 11 September

Location – Torbay Velopark

Time – 6.30pm start

Kit – helmet, drink, mobile, puncture repair, lights, running shoes

Abilities – all welcome

Money – £2.50 non-members of Velopark

Forecast – possible showers, windy, high of 15 degrees

Coaches – Hamish Renton and Graeme Kay

With just a week to go until our Club Champs at the Torbay Triathlon, it’s never too late to brush up on some skills and pick up some new ones. There’s plenty of FREE time and valuable seconds to be gained and so our coaches will be offering some help on cornering and transitions.

Depending on numbers, the plan is to split the group into two and then spend half an hour on each skill before you’ve then got your own time to practice.

Don’t forget your lights if cycling home as winter is on the way!


Novices and newcomers

In addition to the session above, coach Dave Pressley will also be running a session at the Torbay Velopark, starting at 6.30pm

The plan is for a set of 1 kilometre hard 500m recovery intervals to get everyone doing the club champs a bit of speed. For those not doing the champs – then it’s an opportunity to practice fast riding, cornering and aero-position.

Please see above for all other details about the Torbay Velopark.