Looking for something more private than a crowded pool? Want to work on technique by yourself? Can’t make any scheduled lane swimming times? 

One of our members and Level 2 coach – Graeme Kay, is kindly offering up his endless pool as a training resource. In winter, the pool is kept at the FINA ‘Competition temperature’ of 80 degrees F, but as the pool is located in a glass pool house, the sun starts to warm it above this temperature from May onwards. 

If you’re not sure then speak to those who have used it before (Tim Watson, Jon Pressling, Glynn Hughes) or Graeme himself on 07717 216131. 

This is not a business venture and there is no third party insurance, so you use it at your own risk. There is also no charge, but members have kindly been donating £3 per use towards the cost of running it.