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Thank you for visiting our club website.

We have recently migrated this site from the Torbay AC website as we have now become affiliated to UK Athletics as well as British Triathlon.

This allows us to have members who would like to train for the single discipline without having all the faff of transitions and the added hazard of drowning.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Torbay Tri Club website

    1. torbaytri says:

      Good point. I shall post some of the cake that should have won last year’s cake off. In fact, I might create a page dedicated to it

  1. Mike Langman says:

    As chairman of the the group Friends of Clennon Lakes we have been informed your group may be using the recently renovated (by our Group) footpaths around the conservation area of Clennon Lakes as a running track by your group. With respect could I ask you to refrain from doing so, this is a tranquil nature conservation area for quiet contemplation and for nature not a place for groups of runners to be using for training or actual races. I’m sure the playing fields provide more than enough opportunities for your club running to use.
    Many thanks

  2. Aaron Wang says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We hope this message finds you well. We are writing to you from the University of Nottingham about an exciting new study we are undertaking. The Health of Adults Longitudinal Observational (HALO) study is looking at the relationship between lifestyle factors (such as how active someone is and has been) and health.

    The reason why we are conducting this study is that some diseases are linked with lifestyle factors. Currently there’s a lack of long-term quality data for developing various prevention and management strategies. The HALO study aims to address this issue by recruiting 5,000 participants, including triathletes, into this study, which will make it one of the largest and most comprehensive projects ever looking at recreational activity, diet, and health. We have recently published an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine about running and osteoarthritis and hope that our research will produce many important conclusions to aid athletes, general population and health-care professionals in the future.

    I therefore would like to ask for your assistance. I was wondering if it is possible to promote our research at your club by either displaying our poster (we can post hard copies if required) at your club or for you to disperse this poster to your members – whether through your newsletter or Facebook updates (as applicable to your club).

    I would be extremely grateful if you could advise me whether any of these would be possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information regarding our research.

    Kind regards,
    Aaron Wang
    HALO Researcher
    Academic Orthopaedics Trauma and Sports Medicine, University of Nottingham

    1. torbaytri says:

      Hi Aaron, there’s nothing triathletes like more than gadgets and data analysis, so I’m sure some of our members will be happy to help. Please email me at Graeme.kay400@googlemail.com with whatever it is you want me to disseminate and I’ll distribute it on our members Facebook page, which is where we generally share info.

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