Thursday 3rd May “Hard, Easier” – working on speed endurance, its a continuous 12 x 400m run (turn point round cones at each end).

The challenge is that it is possible to run near your 3m best time using this session, so that is the performance objective.  Can you self time a 3m PB using the 90% > 80% effort laps (no stops, its continuous).

The session is to alternate between “Hardest” 90% and then “Easier” 80% efforts over the distance. 12 x 400m laps, no stopping, will give you 3m.

We are meeting at Youngs Park at 6.25pm (please be there a little early as we are being filmed) and cycle if you can. Wear club tops, bottoms, hoodies etc and run with style people.


Thursday 12th April.  “Younger and Younger” – working on boosting Speed Endurance, to help maintain a high speed in races for longer and give you a more enjoyable run leg finish.

This session takes place in Youngs Park, HQ will be by the “Octopus” kiosk by the Quaywest Car Park.  You can leave your stuff with me there.

Its a simple session comprised of 3 sets. It builds on the work we put in last week.

Each set is 4 x 300m with 45s recovery.  There is 3 minutes recovery between each set. The 300m route will be from the Octopus kiosk, behind the beach huts to the South Sands Cafe.

This is 300m and each end is marked with a Rubber Chicken. Please note that tampering with the Rubber Chicken will result in similar penalties as ball tampering by Australian cricketers.

I will give you your target time for each 300m based on your times last week.

Please arrive to be ready to start the warm up at 6.30pm. if you arrive late you’ll need to warm up before starting, please don’t dive right into the hard work.

You’ll need to self time each rep and I’ll calculate your target time for each split.

The idea is to run each of these reps at an even speed.

Assuming the lovely members of the public don’t move the markers there will be cones every 100m to help your pacing.


Safety notes:

  • please be aware of Pedestrians, Bikes and Dogs
  • always run on the leftand be aware of other runners