The third discipline, every Thursday night at 6.30pm we will be offering free run sessions. If you would like any further information or details not covered by the Q & A’s below then please contact Lead Coach, Jon Pressling or coach Graeme Kay.

 Q & A

 Where and when will the running take place?

As our members are generally spread across Torbay, we vary the locations for the Thursday sessions. As the population doubles in the summer months, we tend to train where there are less people and dogs about, and in winter, we like to use the flat routes around Paignton Green.

We also alternate which of the coaches takes these run sessions, generally rotating in 5 week blocks.

The sessions are always promulgated on the club’s Facebook page which is accessable to all by following this link 


Is there a cost for the run sessions and do I have to be a member of Torbay Tri Club to join them? 

These run sessions are offered free to Torbay Tri Club members. If you are new to the club, our sport, the area or just down here on holiday then there’s no commitment to join immediately. If you are not a member then we offer two free taster sessions and then ask for a £1 contribution to participate, which goes directly to our club funds.

 What running kit do I need?

 Running shoes, drink, watch (optional but highly recommended), appropriate clothing (shorts, leggings, shirt, vest, hat), emergency contact details. We hope to have two coaches available at each session so can keep an eye on kit at start/finish point but if you have anything valuable please leave at home or in car as we cannot be responsible for this. 

Do I need to be of a certain ability to run with the group?

 No and we welcome all abilities. Our sessions are planned so that runners of all abilities are able to participate. As the shortest triathlon you can do is a super sprint distance, which involves a 2.5k run, then we would however expect you to be able to do this but at your own pace. 

The sessions will be focusing on 5k to 10k distance speed work so working towards sprint and Olympic distance triathlons. Every six weeks we plan to run a timed 5k time trial where your times will be recorded on the same route and we can monitor progress. These are not compulsory but we would encourage people to take part and see for themselves the progress being made over the sessions.

 What can I expect at the run sessions?

 Our coaches, and athletes, extend a warm welcome to people of all abilities and adult ages. 

Each of our coaches is officially qualified through British Triathlon, and take great pride in delivering sessions that we hope participants will enjoy and in a safe environment. We will do our best to offer advice where necessary and answer any questions you may have. If we don’t know then we will find out and get back to you. 

Each session will comprise of a combined group warm up, main session and cool down. 

How long will the run sessions be?

 You will need to allow yourself an hour from the 6.30pm start time. Please allowed for added time if you have paid to park somewhere.