May the Fourth ‘Discipline’ Be With You

May the Fourth ‘Discipline’ Be With You

Triathlon is commonly known as a three sport activity, however many regard the transitions from one sport to another as the fourth discipline. What appears to be a simple activity of securing helmet before heading out on the bike course or returning and donning the running trainers has scuppered many races over the years through lack of practice.

Luckily for Torbay Tri Club Gary Burman was on hand to organise an intensive session in the form of a duathlon to hone these skills on Friday 4th September.

Utilising the Velopark and the sports field of Torbay Leisure Centre club members headed out for a Run-Bike-Run-Bike-Run format to practice their transitions with the session being timed.

An excellent turn out from members old and new provided a great sense of team camaraderie, but with Gary recording all the splits there was also a competitive element to the evening.

Some great times were recorded and many lessons for improvement learnt.

Tim Watson finished first in 48:30 followed by Jon Parkinson in 51:15 and Julian Smith in third at 51:15

For the Women, Wendy Urban excelled on the bike and came in at 58:45 with Jen Hourigan second in 59:13 and Emma Jeffereys third in 59:23

Photo Credit – Glynn Hughes

Men’s Results:

Tim Watson 48:30, Jon Parkinson 50:56, Julian Smith 51:15, Dave Brown 51:20, Nigel Fenn 53:39, Steve Donnelly 53:59, Shaun Collier 54:20, Tim Lewry 57:27, Julian Bayes 57:44, Frank Reay 58:18, Tony Hodge 59:11, Ian McClean 59:27, Marc Jones 1:00:02, Simon Loten 1:00:13, Graeme Kay 1:00:14, Paul Chamings 1:00:43, Jamie Kingston 1:02:30, Steve Hopkins 1:03:52, Danny Davis 1:04:17, Howard Brugge 1:06:36.


Women’s Results:

Wendy Urban 58:45, Jen Hourigan 59:13, Emma Jefferys 59:23, Laura Casey Gough 1:00:23, Katie Hine 1:00:56, Jo Loten 1:01:09, Sue Hayes 1:02:37, Sarah Hine 1:07:33, Cassandra Harrison 1:09:49, Val McClean 1:12:27.