Open water swim sessions

In previous years, the club has met on an informal basis on Wednesday evenings at Goodrington. As there was no safety cover, this was very much a ‘wild swim’ and anybody was welcome to join us. It has become traditional for cake to be baked and shared afterwards, leading to this session becoming known as ‘Cake Club’ and for there to be an annual ‘Cake Off’ competition. (See separate ‘Cake Off’ pages).

However……. for 2020, the club has negotiated with Torbay Surf Lifesaving club for them to provide proper safety cover and for them to lay out a buoyed course for us. Obviously there is a cost involved in this and at the last AGM there was a lot of discussion around how the club would finance this. Ultimately, it was decided that it would be unfair for there to be a blanket charge across all members, as the people who choose not to swim would be paying for those that do partake. This is similar to the people who compete in the Westward League Cross Country having to join UKA. The upshot is that when we get our membership site up and running, there will be an option to pay for the open water swim sessions, but there will still be free cake!

It will be from the slipway adjacent to Cantina in Youngs Park, Goodrington, Paignton ready to go at 6.30pm each Wednesday





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