Cake Club

Our swimmers like cake. They like it a lot. When we meet the public on Wednesday evenings, it has become traditional for cakes to be baked and shared around. At the end of the open water season we have had a ‘cake off’ to decide who should be crowned Master Baker at our awards night.


These are last years contenders…

This was a ‘swimming cap’ cake. Good, but not good enough in my opinion.

This ‘Lego Man in Torbay Tri kit’ was made from a mould, just saying

This bike wasn’t even carbon fibre and the pedals didn’t work.

This was undoubtedly the cake that should have won, but apparently you can’t win two years in a row, even though I’ve looked really hard at the


Club Constitution and can’t find that little gem anywhere. Not that I’m bitter.

And before you have a go at me, I don’t know why the images have rotated 90 degrees. I tried rotating them left 90 degrees then reloading them, but it looks like I can’t do web page management either. Bet I’m allowed to do that two years in a row though. Honestly, I’m not bitter .

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