Club Membership

Welcome to our signing up page!


Club Membership costs just £32pa and our membership year starts from 1st April. We do offer extended membership up to 16 months for those joining after 1st December.


Please note that we cannot accept Members under the age of 18 years old.


British Triathlon allow people to train with the club for 3 sessions on a ‘try before you buy’ basis, so  you are welcome to just come along and give the club a go and still be fully insured under the terms of the British Triathlon policy.


The Club is affiliated to British Triathlon but to be an individual member you need to join them separately as per the LINK HERE.


The Club is also affiliated to England Athletics (part of UK Athletics). As a Club Member you can compete in standalone running events with ‘Torbay Tri’ as your club although to represent us in the Westward League Cross Country series and/or take benefit of the discounted race entries offered you must also join EA (2024 cost = £19) which is payable through our Members website (as a Linked Subscription to your Club Membership). We do NOT offer a discounted Club Membership rate for Second Claim EA members.


There is no requirement to join England Athletics or British Triathlon to be a member of our club, however, there are benefits to being a member which are outlined on their websites.
To join the Club please just click on the JOINTEAMTANGO link below the three ladies to the right!


Val McClean – email:  torbaytri@yahoo com
Membership Secretary

At the 2019 AGM,  it was agreed that the membership charge would be decreased for 1st Claim members and the cost to 2nd claim members would increase to the same amount – £30.


This is because we affiliated to UKA during 2018, so you can now compete in running events as a member of an affiliated club – Torbay Tri Club.


We recognise that some people who are currently members of other clubs may not wish to represent us in running events, but do want to compete in triathlons as a club member. Because there are significant benefits of being a Tri Club member – as outlined below – we felt it was reasonable to have no differential in costs or benefits, whether or not you chose to be 1st or 2nd claim.


Online Membership Application is now available and can be found here…


The Torbay Tri Club membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March and we are now accepting membership renewals and/or new members to join.


How to join the club and FAQs


Torbay Tri Club is affiliated to UK Athletics. By joining our club, you can compete in standalone running events as ‘Torbay Tri’ as your club. Membership to Torbay Tri is £30 per year. To be a member of British Triathlon you would need to join them separately as per the LINK HERE.


UK Athletics have a different arrangement to join them, and this needs to be done via our Membership Secretary – Cathy Parkinson. There is an additional fee for this – currently £15


There is no requirement to join British Triathlon or UK Athletics to be a member of our club, however, there are benefits to being a member which are outlined on their websites.


If you would like to join our club, please complete the form that is linked above, and send it to our Membership Secretary. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her at the details below.


Cathy Parkinson – email:  torbaytri@yahoo com




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